Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good-Bye Milan

Well two months have passed and it's time to say good-bye to Milan.

Good-Bye to:

my favorite deli

the beautiful black chow who sleeps at the entrance to the flower shop

high-fashion shops just a short walk away

dinner picnics

walking for nearly a hour and spending $20 to do two loads of laundry

remnants of the old city wall

a church on almost every block

old city gates


shopping at our local store

Sforsa Castle

museums - lots of museums

Mothers and daughters strolling through town arm in arm

and all of those wonderful sculptural features on the buildings!

We'll miss you, we love you!


  1. I always loved getting those pizza slices there...so thin and and delicious!! So glad you captured the "signore" ladies walking with their daugthers...and these ladies are always dressed so well!

  2. The two months seem to have gone by very quickly! I'm glad you're coming home now so we can walk arm in arm. Love you!

  3. Mom that was a really nice entry!!! Made me tear up! Love you!