Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apartment Tour

Today is the day to tour our little apartment.

We are living at the Residence di Corso Italia which is right in the heart of Milan.  It is only a ten minute walk to the Duomo - Milan's Cathedral - and the very center of the city.  The staff here is very friendly and helpful.  There is always someone at the front desk to tell us how to use the phone, where the good restaurants are, how to find the laundromat (even creating a map for us).  The staff tidies up our place daily, changes the towels three times a week, and the bed linens twice a week.  When we get back to Pasadena I'll be wondering where "our people" have gone!

Here is the entry:

Next the little kitchen:

That's tile, not wallpaper on the wall.  This kitchen is smaller than it looks in the picture - it's long and skinny. Two people can easily stand here, but it's hard to walk past each other.  There is a small refrigerator and a two-burner stove as well as the microwave.  The first time I boiled water on the little electric stove I thought I was going to electrocute myself because it kept making strange popping sounds.  I'm not used to an electric stove and 220 currents makes it seem even more scary.  This is not the place to do a major dinner - no oven, only a few dishes, no potholders.  I don't consider that to be a bad thing! So far my "cooked" dinners have consisted of fresh spinach ravioli with a little pesto on top.  (George thought plain pasta with no sauce would be nice - but I told him no dice and poured on the pesto!)  Last night we had little frozen mini pizzas from our local grocery store - not amazing, but edible. Italians must make their own salad dressings - I only found one dressing in our little store - a nice balsamic blend.  George keeps looking for the peanut butter and I'm looking for Splenda.  We finally discovered that the milk with green packaging is the non-fat variety.

Here is our living room/ dining area/ office, etc.  Compact, but it has everything we need.  We are working hard to keep it from getting all cluttered up.  I was going to buy some flowers for the table, but the flower guy wasn't open today. We have televisions in the bedroom and the living room - but since there are no English language stations we're not watching any TV.  Maybe I could find a good soap opera and learn Italian!

Finally, the bedroom.  It has a king sized bed that is very firm and comfortable.  There is plenty of closet space, but not very many hangers. Right now I have two months worth of clothes hanging on four hangers! It's a good thing t-shirts and jeans can be folded up on the shelves. We're still looking for a store that sells coat hangers and some day soon we'll find it!

That's it - our little home for two months.


  1. Two months of clothes on four hangers - Ha! The place looks great! I say keep hitting the restaurants and skip that crazy little stove. Zap!

  2. Looks great! Simple and clean.